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Posted by armrig 19:43

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Just checking the new comments entry - come on John, time to be a guinea pig!

by armrig

Enjoying the blog - and the rss feed.

by Roger

Great Blog. Sounds like you are having a very interesting time. If you need any assistance if you are heading for Southern Inda then Pioneer travels are excellent for booking hotels, house boats, great drivers etc. Can't recommend them enough. All the best, Sue and Keith x

by Sue and Keith

My PC is a bit dead....but I'm looking forward to catching up when it's better. Was thinking about Sue yesterday as I found my A level maths notes in the attic and tried to figure them out - I remember her saying she'd done similar. They look so good - but I think destined to be recycled. Linda

We bought some nuts wrapped in a sheet of paper from a geometry textbook - volume of cylinders etc - that all seemed quite hard so we didn't do the examples.
Have just bought "Trains at a Glance" - the phone book size guide to train times and thought of you!!
Colin and Sue

by Linda Edmondson

Too slow again - already lots of comments. At least even I can work out how to do it now - all that time devising IT for idiots for ATOC wasn't wasted, Col. Very impressed by the dawn photography. See you.

by John

Glad to see you're keeping up your high blog standards. I love all the photos, but especially the sunrise Varanasi boat trip one. Love Anne X

by Anne

Glad to hear you're still getting up at the crack of dawn. How come I could never get you out for a walk before 10 am ? OK, I know we never went to the Taj Mahal. Hoping you stay clear of mischief mongers.


by John

Always glad to get a new bulletin after a week's silence...did you know there are man-eating tigers about...? and just how 'upfront' are those fab treepies?? xx Sue

The treepies would eat out of your hand if you let them - unlike the tigers, which would eat your hand! We had to give up one of our biscuits so the guide could demonstrate how tame they are. Colin and Sue

by Sue

Very instructive blog recently. I hadn't even heard of langurs and treepies (though I suspect you have just made up the latter name). Also, I feel you are making a bid for the moral high ground with all these early starts. Time for a good lie in.


by John

Note to John....the naming and appearance of the Treepie indicates he must be of the Magpie family; however, what on earth is the 'Mag' on which the pie sits if not a tree?
We are now in two inches of snow in SE London - and its sticking..would like an Indian summer right now. Sue x

Indian winter's not too bad either! Just been on a camel safari where we were assured that the small dark bird with a white breast was a "sparrow" - not convinced.

Sue and Colin

by Sue Smith

A message from the land of snow and ice. 'Great to see you're both having such a good time. Keep the pictures coming - to cheer us up during the dog days of Jan and Feb. And have a happy Christmas. Above all - be safe. Love from Sandi and Shane

Great to hear from you - best wishes for Christmas
Colin and Sue

by Shane and Sandi

Finally caught up with your blog - what wonderful photographs! Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Phil and Alison

by Phil and Alison

Hi, sounds as if you're both enjoying your travels. Kite flying sounds a very competitive sport!
Have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing your next posts.

Heather xxx

by Heather

Have a merry Christmas and a wishing you a happy and peaceful New Year 2010. See you in Digbeth.


by John

Glad to see you've succumbed to a spot of luxury and no longer making me feel guilty with your 5am starts. The photos are getting more stunning (apart from that cave painting which appears as a black square - is it modern art or just my ancient computer ?). Have a great time in Mumbai and Happy New Year. John.

Time for a new computer maybe - or just the prohibition on flash photography.
Colin and Sue

by John

Loving all the new photos which are helping to chase away the winter blues here! Still more freezing weather to come so pleased you are enjoying the warmth. Nice pic of rollers/bee-eaters? Happy New Year x

by Sue

Colin, you need to sit on top of a train or wedged amongst loads of people on the bus. You will have then experienced India :o) Could you also get Sue to take a picture of this for me ;o)

by Jyoti

Glad to see you're still having great fun, but it was good to read of the return of the "nightmarish bus journey", we haven't had one for a while - you should compile them in a book. You must teach me "Wigan Rummy": does it involve eating pies between rounds ? (Cheap stereotype, I know).

Pies and chip butties!
Colin and Sue

by John

I think I will miss India too after following the blog for all these months. I could always check Malcolm and Linda's blog in the past, if you had been 'off line' for a while and find you there! Are they coming to Sri Lanka too?? Safe onward journey, Sue x

by Sue

I see you are finally succumbing to the temptations of being proper tourists: comfort, sleep, stunning beaches etc etc. What has happened to the early rigour of 5am starts, nightmarish bus/train journeys, mischief mongerers ? You've clearly gone soft. Two weeks in Eastbourne next year. Hope to see/speak to you soon.

by John

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